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Fresno faith and community leaders respond to councilperson Bredefeld

FRESNO, CA—Since the recent stark comments from District 6 council person Garry Bredefeld, who used the Sept. 28 city council meeting as a platform to express his strong opinions towards the kneeling NFL players during the national anthem, which he then followed up with dark incredulous statics about African-Americans, diverse faith and community leaders from throughout Fresno spoke out against him at the Oct. 12th city council meeting during public comments and in a press conference thereafter, later that afternoon.

Many leaders feel that he still did not get the message, after more than 120 minutes of comments from African-American community members; his apologetic comments were only toward the raw emotions and feelings people expressed to him based on his Sept. 28th rant. He never apologized to constituents for his inaccuracies and discriminatory remarks. He further explained that he stood by his comments although many people were hurt by them.