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VBTalk Radio Summer Report recaps on racial divide in national news items

FRESNO, CA --As Valley Black Talk Radio ( VBTalk Radio) has continued during its summer break to report on local and national news items every third Sunday, the hosts Jewell Riversmith, Mel Sanders and Julia Dudley Najieb delved into taboo topics centering around America's racial divide, the NFL blackout initiated in the black community on behalf of Colin Kaepernick, the passing of Civil Rights activist Dick Gregory and the recent Charlottesville, VA clash of protesters last week initiated by white supremacists protestors.

After the third week of September, VBTRadio will continue its weekly show every Sunday, from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM on the ONME Network.

Watch the show above to get the hosts detailed comments and opinions on the various topics discussed Sunday.

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