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TCCP reps appeal to small business owners who question the feasibility of the proposal process

Business owners get clarity on submitting a proposal for the Transformative Climate Communities Program. See full video above.

Fresno, CA-- As citizens of Fresno are trying to understand the tedious, confusing proposal process for the current $70 million allocated to Fresno, Transformative Climate Communities Program (TCCP) representatives are scrambling to different sectors of the community against an approaching state deadline that cannot be changed.

As the entire ordeal has been turned to the open hands of the community, some are still trying to figure out if they truly have ownership in the funding process that began in 2016, but has recently changed to involve its citizens--representatives have said that Fresno's strategy is not the norm.

Upon such a change, TCCP reps are learning and addressing issues regarding changing guidelines as they present one day to the next, not knowing what to expect from newly informed community audiences.

At the monthly FAACE breakfast hosted by the Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce, business owners and professionals commented on the current proposal process which appeared to be too broad and unobtainable in the short window of time: come up with a project under the TCCP mandatory criteria, see if it fits under the three Fresno plans currently presented, also find an agency that will match the grant, and be prepared to have your own upfront funding.

The TCCP representatives will be holding 2 workshops to assist participants submitting proposals on Tuesday, Aug. 15th at 5:00 PM at First Presbyterian Church and Wednesday, Aug. 16th at 5:00 PM at the Westside Church of God.

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