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Round 3 of the TCCP Steering Community Meeting brings clarity and understanding

FRESNO, CA -- What started off as a firestorm of frustrated words and emotions a the last meeting, is now a civil heated debate among the meeting of minds, as citizens were not only in a cooler temped room with microphones, but the Transformative Climate Communities Program (TCCP) organizers had a better grasp of the information and a PowerPoint presentation to further explain the $70 million allocation process.

Organizers made it clear that now that the community is involved, everyone has a vote, as long as one resides or owns a business in the specified area codes (such as 93706 and 93721) and attends a majority of the meetings.

Although the chairman, District 3 City of Fresno Councilman Oliver Baines was not present at the meeting, the chairman of the Strategic Growth Council (SGC) made it clear that everyone's voice would be heard and not ignored, and that projects will be reviewed for compliance according to the guidelines of the allocation.

ONME News was able to stream it live from the meeting; see full video above to get a better understanding of the grant guidelines and deadlines.

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