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Round 2 of TCCP $70 million allocation process to be presented to the community this Wednesday

FRESNO, CA --Fresno citizens affected by the 5-mile radius of the Transformative Climate Communities Program (TCCP) $70 million allocation will be attending the second steering committee community meeting at the Westside Church of God, Wednesday, August 2nd to get more clarity on the proposal requirements, deadlines, and information on the revised guidelines.

As program guidelines for the fourth draft of the TCCP Guidelines were released by the Strategic Growth Council (SGC) July 26th, the deadline for written comments from the community to be considered was moved to August 2nd, 5:00 PM, where they can be submitted via email:

According to organizers, the meeting on Wednesday will focus on clarifying the roles and responsibilities for the Community Steering Committee, the process for project selection, how projects can be developed for consideration, and who is eligible to propose projects.

Organizers are assuring the public that at this next meeting they are more prepared:

Not only was it hot, with limited seating and no sound system, Thursday’s July 20th fiery meeting held at the unventilated California Hotel Ballroom downtown featured concerned West Fresno citizens who found information to confirm that data was used from their area to obtain the Cap-and-Trade funds from the state of California, yet they are not being considered for the 5-mile radius. Watch video clip below:

Residents said they were not informed of any meetings starting in February 2016 to be included in the process of deciding of where funds should go or of the general guidelines. Citizens also expressed the continual disregard for their disenfranchised neighborhoods and economically disadvantaged communities.

The City of Fresno, along with the SGC and non-profit Central Valley Community Foundation, who is in charge of disseminating information and organizing the community meetings, attempted to bring more clarity to the process of the $70 million allocation which was flawed from its initial entrance into the local political landscape. Proponents still stand that the funds will be directed to the downtown area of Fresno and within that 5-mile radius thereof, thus excluding a majority residents located in the West Fresno area. According to organizers, anyone who lives, works, or owns property in southwest, Chinatown, or downtown Fresno is eligible to join the Community Steering Committee.

Interested citizens can visit the website for more information about the TCC Program and for more information on the updated timeline.

Committee members must commit to attending a minimum of 3-4 meetings throughout August, September, and October in order to maintain membership. Also a series of Proposal Kickoff Workshops will be held in mid to late August. People can visit the website for updates on specific dates, times, and locations.

The ONME Network will stream excerpts live of the meeting; however, please note that interested parties must be in attendance for their projects to be considered.

What: TCCP Meeting #2

Where: Westside Church of God, located at 1422 West California Avenue, Fresno CA 93706.

When: Wednesday, August 2nd, 5:30-7:30pm.

Notes: Registration and refreshments will begin at 5:00 PM. Spanish and Hmong interpretation provided along with childcare, working air conditioning, free parking, and seating for up to 425.

Here is video from a TCCP meeting in June, where the SGC addressed the local community about the specifics of the proposal.

Residents who attended the first TCCP meeting were trying to grasp where they fit in to the process and allocation.

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