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‘Ain't I A Woman' March unites at State Capitol

SACRAMENTO, CA--Black Women United, a newly formed non-profit, hosted the first Black Women's March in Sacramento, July 15.

Attendees marched from Crocker Park to the State Capitol, and participants came from all walks of life to support Black women. Sponsored by The California Endowment and supported by Activism Articulated, the ‘Ain't I A Woman' march welcomed close to 2,000 people from all over the Sacramento and Bay Area.

"I came here to support Black women and to uplift the legacy of our ancestors," said Jacqueline Lawrence, march attendee who came from Santa Rosa, California.

Black Women United host Vocheri Thomas said, " We just wanted to celebrate Black women from all walks of life. Part of Black Women United is we are a sisterhood that is about breaking the barriers and divides that keep us separated as Black women."

The day was filled with inspiring speeches from Kimberly Ellis former candidate for CA Democratic Party Chair who was defeated in a close race in May. Ellis had harsh words for Black men in politics that did not give her a chance to earn their support but also touched on the power of women coming together. Elaine Brown former leader of the Black Panther Party told the crowd she stood with this new leadership referring to Black Women United and handed the fight for equality over to the young organizers of the event.

Attendees’ general feeling left inspired by the unity and even brought their children to be apart of the event.

"I want to make sure my daughter grows up in a society knowing that she is beautiful and strong and capable and to be unapologetically Black," said Alyssa McDonald march attendee.

Black Women United is dedicated to the education, protection, and advancement of Black women.

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