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Juneteenth Celebration at Negro Bar an official California state park

SACRAMENTO, CA -- In June many African American's celebrate Juneteenth, the celebration of the last state in the union to receive word that slavery ended in 1865.

Community organizer Michael Harris hosted a Juneteenth celebration at Negro Bar, a California State Park located within the city of Folsom in the county of Sacramento.

Harris said he picked this location to celebrate the history of the old mining site and contributions African American’s played during the gold rush area.

"Together, we celebrate Juneteenth as we continue to identify, document, preserve and share the authentic contributions by people of African ancestry 1840-1875 along the American River Parkway," said Harris.

The Negro Bar Historic State Park is poised to tell the story of people of African Ancestry's significant contributions along the American River Parkway, part of an ongoing effort to expand inclusion and create a California African American Heritage Commission.

"Our 2017 Folsom Juneteenth, honors the amazing contributions and sacrifice by US Colored Troops during the US Civil War and local unknown 'hidden figures' in our ongoing journey towards freedom," said Harris.

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