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Auntie Maxine: 'If they cut the mic's off, we gone still talk'

SACRAMENTO, CA --Congresswomen Maxine Waters of Los Angeles microphone was cut off in mid-speech at the California Democratic Convention, African American Caucus meeting Saturday night at the Sacramento Convention Center.

Tensions were already running high waiting on final election results on who would be named the next Democratic Party chair Eric Bauman or Kimberley Ellis.

Waters was in mid-sentence telling attendees about President Donald Trump #45 is how she referred to him when convention staff alerted organizers of the event that the event ran over the allotted time for the rented sound equipment.

A staffer cut the microphone, and the audience moaned and started chanting "keep going, keep going.

" Waters then hopped down from the podium and said, " Shh Shh...If they cut the microphone off we gone still talk."

California Democratic Election Update: Eric Baum barely won the election by 62 votes. It has been reported that Ellis is challenging the results and has not conceded as of press time.

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