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Soul Food Fest in downtown Fresno at Bitwise proves to be a major success

FRESNO, CA--If you build it, they will come ... especially if it is good home-cooked soul food!

The Bitwise parking lot was inundated with foot traffic from over 300+ hungry patrons and curious onlookers, who were devoured by the delicious aromas that permeated the Bitwsie parking lot this past Saturday afternoon in downtown Fresno.

Event coordinator Adrian Harris created an avenue to connect soul food restaurants and caterers with local citizens, bringing them more notoriety and future business to their brick and mortar locations.

As the first annual event, complemented with entertainment, crafts, and organizational booths, patrons the success was evident with the long lines, congested parking, and sold-out vendor, who were pleased to make a profit and more than even.

Watch full excerpt of event on The ONME Network daily from 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM and 4:00 AM -6:00 AM, (listed on the ONME TV guide under "Special Events.") Download the free app to watch on your mobile device:

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