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VBT Radio State of Black Central Valley to focus on media & social justice this week

FRESNO,CA--Valley Black Talk Radio is on its fourth week of the State of Black Central Valley, discussing topics with experts and community activists from education and economics to media, social justice and politics and health still to come.

This week's focus on media will delve into the current aspects of the world view on media, juxtaposed with the African-American media truth among the viewer/reader. California Black Media's Regina Wilson, whose family comes from several generations of successful black newspaper publishing, will explore the common trends black media are using to survive and their role in ethics and social justice in current affairs today.

Community activist Taymah Jahsi will follow on Sunday's VBT Radio show to discuss the role of social justice and its portrayal to grassroots and alternative media in the current climate of political drama. With the help of social media, protest and other social events have been easily put together by organizations and groups; Jahsi will discuss the elements of media and social media's presence in the social justice arena.

Due to the upcoming Oscar Awards on Sunday, the time of VBTRadio will be moved; the time will be announced on Thursday night's show.

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