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Mayor Carlton Jones' first order of business is to unify the city of Tulare

Mayor Jones intends on keeping his day job as a Fresno fireman, as well as continue to mentor and coach the local youth

(TULARE, CA) -- Among the closed doors of the Tulare Public Library, a room was filled to capacity with eager stares from a relevant minority, anticipating the announcement of the first African-American mayor, Carlton Jone​s, who would be the

first minority in this position in Tulare, CA's 128-year history.

As the humble, quiet voice addressed the attentive crowd, the broad athletic shoulders of a powerful man tenderly leaned forward to tell his story, of the many hands who helped raise him to the position of where he sits today.

He spoke of his past teachers who "tolerated" his ambitious youth, a few of them were in the room that night, and lightly chuckled at his candid humor of his childlike mischief.

Jones also appreciated the guidance of former mayor and also his former coach, David Macedo, who sterned his tone to ask Jones if he was ready to take on the job that is not so easy as it may look.

In the mildly lit room, after a public city council vote to nominate and motion Jones as mayor, cheers of joy abruptly sprang out from many directions, as people stood with their enthused claps and ear-to-ear smiles of the night's accomplishment and historical moment in their California town, Tulare.


After the council meeting and ceremony, his wife, Cindi Jones of several years, stood back and watched the groups of people envelope her husband's candor, shaking his hand on a job well done and on the eagerness for him to start his mayorship.

In her reserved demeanor, Mrs. Jones, confidently poised, took on an interview with one of the local media, with gentle smiles and praises of her husband, knowing the road ahead was just another new beginning.


Eager to see the ending quarters of his son's basketball game the same night of his official mayorship--it was also his son's birthday-- Jones continued patiently and

graciously to thank everyone in the room and his close friends and family for their support throughout the years, inviting them to join him at one of the local restaurants he would attend thereafter.

In an after-interview with Mayor Jones, he discussed the first order of business; fixing a divided council which would in turn unify the staff--having everyone on one accord in their office and in their city.

By the way, he will still keep his job as a Fresno, CA fireman, mentor, coach, and of course a dedicated husband and father.

Watch the full experience followed by an exclusive interview below with Mayor Jones and the ONME News team.

Watch full ceremony from Dec. 6, 2016 here:

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