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About the November 8, 2016 Election Day Turnouts ...

It’s always good to know something about voter demographics in a presidential election, such as this high-stakes election of Tuesday November 8, 2016.

For example: out of 231,556,622 eligible voters across the United States, 128,843,000 ballots were counted. This indicates a voter turnout of only 55.6%.

The attached table provides demographics on how people voted and reasons for not voting. It also provides information on voter turnouts by state.

For example: California shows a 43.5% voter turnout with 11,000,000 ballots counted out of 25,278,803 eligible voters. More counts may be added later.

This information is food for thought as you grapple with the realities of who won the presidential election and why. Perhaps it inspires voter motivation strategies for the future.

Julius (JD)

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