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Voters can look forward to two 'Neals' on the ballot this November

FRESNO,CA--Distant may be the days of Lemoore Councilman Edward “Eddie” Neal, as a professional successful boxer; instead his second round in the ring is in city politics, running for the Lemoore City Council this upcoming 2016 November elections.

Neal, 48 years-old, was elected to the Lemoore City Council in 2012, and is known for having a strong reputation of advocating for youth services and facilities and for improving Lemoore's water treatment facilities to attract more businesses to the city.

With his family roots in Lemoore dating back to the 1940s', Neal, born and raised in Lemooore, is a local rancher and minister by trade, as he continues the legacy of his renowned father who was was a thriving minister in the community.

,As a a two-time All-American athlete in wrestling and football, where he starred at Lemoore High School, and traveled the word thereafter, Neal could have went anywhere; instead, home was where his heart was.

Valley Black Talk Radio talked to Councilman Neal where viewers could learn more about his passion and priorities for the city of Lemoore, CA.

Hosts also talked to his wife, Myeisha Neal, who is running for Lemoore Elementary School Board. Watch full video below!

Community members and voters in the Lemoore area can find out more about Neal here.

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