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Northeast Fresnans debate concerns about their busted pipes and unsafe water

FRESNO, CA-- The City of Fresno has been scrambling to address frustrated residents who have not only been receiving bottled water from the City for over 12 years due to the brown water coming out of their faucets, but homeowners are livid about the galvanized busted pipes they have had to replace in homes less than five years old.

At a town hall meeting, held at Clovis West High School Wednesday, Aug. 17th, Fresno residents were informed of possible solutions to the lead in the water contamination, which were not satisfying.

Valley Black Talk Radio discussed excerpts from the town hall featuring local residents who have endured health problems, lead poisoning and brown water from their faucet issues in a part 1 of their "Red Alert Edition" of investigating the water issue in northeast Fresno. See full show here:

In part 2 of their "Red Alert Edition," Valley Black Talk Radio hosts recap and review precautions for residents who live in the northeast area:

On Sunday, Aug., Valley Black Talk Radio hosts talk to licensed contractor Larry Burrus for further clarity on the use and conditions of galvanized pipes, which were used in the northeast Fresno homes, and is continuing to be used throughout Fresno, CA buildings. Check part 2 of full show here:

Meanwhile, the City of Fresno is still tending to the water issue which has affected approximately 22,500 homes in northeast Fresno, while residents are pursing attorneys and filing claims to recoup their heath and repair costs.

Watch part 1 featuring experts and City of Fresno officials addressing the 500 plus concerned Fresno residents, followed by part 2 which features concerned residents expressings their incidents:

ONME News will continue to follow the water issue and keep the public informed.

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