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ONME's Valley Black Talk Radio host the Hidden Colors Marathon & Discussion

With the onslaught of filmmaker and producer Tariq Nasheed's Hidden Colors movie series, more and more black people are involved in the avid discussion of the two Americas that seems to co-exist in this faux pas color-blind society.

Valley Black Talk Radio hosted a Hidden Colors marathon at Cafe Aroma starting Saturday afternoon to evening, to be completed Monday afternoon, July 4th.

What's most noticeable from each discussion is the commonalities of the topics: 1) Having an educational facility for our black youth that will educate them on their history and the codes of this society 2) Finding a way to unify with like-minded blacks willing to come together to change the economics of their situation 3) The inequality of access to capital affecting black businesses must be dealt with and 4) Building the black youth now to take over leadership in local government.

Most black viewers have commented on how surprised they are to learn facts and historical knowledge relevant to their ancestry that they would never learn otherwise.

The marathon ends July 4th from 11 AM -3:00 PM. Each movie is followed by a brief discussion.

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