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Mayor Candidates Forum: A last ditch effort to see who the running mates will be

If you have missed the many other several forums featuring the five city of Fresno mayoral candidates, Doug Vagim, H. Spees, Henry Perea, Richard B. Renteria and Lee Brand, there is one more for those still on the fence. The only catch is, it is right before the Memorial Day holiday weekend: Friday, May 27th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at 1410 Kern St., Fresno, CA hosted by several of Fresno County's Democratic organizations.

Although it is not clear who the running mates will be, predictions are revealing that the most experienced versus the most dynamic, along with the most polished politician could be battling for the citizens' votes: H. Spees - dynamic, Lee Brand - experienced and Henrey Perea- polished.

The real question should be, what does Fresno really need?

Experience? A dynamic personality? Or another polished politician?

Hopefully the right questions will be asked at these forums so that voters, too, can decide, "Where does Fresno need to go from here?

ONME News is convinced that a dynamic mayor will help bring the diverse community together for the common good; H. Spees, a natural speaker and theologian, is savvy at this. Lee Brand wants us to believe that he, too, is diverse, showing his recent commercial with his granddaughter endorsing him who appears to be bi-racial or with African-American features --although she is not old enough to vote. His experience gives him the backing to face the growth spurt hitting downtown Fresno and the California High Speed Rail project.

However by popularity and name recognition, Henry Perea has been endorsed by unions and political A-list names which can give him the added prowess versus grass-root community support.

ONME News will follow up with the front-runners after the California primaries to give the public an in-depth look at the Fresno mayor candidates.

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