Uploaded "My Advice Is ..."  or "Tell It!" podcasts can be 9, 18, or 27 minutes in length.  Please be prepared to upload the recorded media from your mobile device after submitting the below information; you will be redirected to the upload request link.

This is a free podcast service for local California hosts

(Some podcast shows are subsidized through advertising; premium podcast services are also available for those wanting to have their own clickable ads during the podcast, for those wanting to commission and split advertiser/sponsor revenue, or for those wanting to prerecord their own advertisers/sponsors during shows without ONME subsidized advertising.)

Submit Podcast Info & Audio Here

NOTE:  By submitting this audio for podcast, you agree to the following:  Suggested show air dates are on a first come first served basis; The ONME Network and its affiliates have permission to add music, reproduce your voice and likeness, and publish your podcast to the worldwide web; The ONME Network and its affiliates will post submitted audio within three business days to the network; podcaster agrees to submit podcast weekly, and The ONME Network will assist in broad marketing of the time and date of all podcasts submitted for broadcast.  Hosts can submit up to four (4) podcasts at a time per month; each will air weekly.


Audio recordings submitted will be discarded if:

  • Pornography is in recording

  • Threats of physical violence in recording

  • Over or under the allotted time by more than 60 sec.

  • Submitted in wrong format

  • Program is a form of an infomercial versus being informational for the public (must have actual topic versus the topic being selling products/services)

  • Program information not relevant to ONME's California-based niche audience

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