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Vision View will celebrate its seven-year anniversary this Saturday through a Black History Month, free, public festival

A symbolic mortgage-burning ceremony, music, food and events are just a few of the highlights to come

By ONME Newswire

FRESNO, CALIF.—Several years ago, the future of the Vision View campus started with a vision on paper, describing a business-focused campus for entrepreneurs, located purposely in Fresno’s airport district.  This was the dream of single mother of five, Lynisha R. Senegal—perhaps to others the vision seemed overwhelming—not to Senegal, who was always focused on the end goal.  She had already started non-profit, Helping Others Pursue Excellence (H.O.P.E.) in 2012 as a vocational training and entrepreneurship program.  Senegal said while growing her business, the “Nos” and the business rejections she encountered fueled her drive to help others.

     To remove the barriers preventing other entrepreneurs like her the opportunity to realize their dreams, she wrote the vision for the Vision View Business Formation Center in a detailed proposal.

     By 2017, she began to spawn the business-campus vision into reality, finding the perfect building to begin the journey, as the eager, energetic CEO of H.O.P.E. 

     However, the vision and the building location would not be without its host of challenges: relentless rains caved in the roof twice; built in 1979, initially attracting tenants to the multi-tenant building was overwhelming due to the amount of construction investments tenants would have to endure; personal tragedies hit the Senegal family unexpectedly.  And the list of problems continued; Senegal stayed steadfast on the beginning vision, purpose, and goal.


     Now, seven years later, the two-story, 33,950 SF building sitting on almost two acres of land has gone through significant modernized renovations, making it the prime location for micro and small businesses, as well as budding entrepreneurs.  These individuals and entities have direct access to key resources to help their businesses flourish, thanks to the campus’ amenities.   


     Senegal coined the motto of the vision, “Where One’s Vision is Without Limits.”

     “As we look back on these seven years, we can proudly say that Vision View has become a hub of entrepreneurship, a place where ideas have flourished, businesses have grown, and success stories have been written,” said H.O.P.E. CEO Senegal.  “We have nurtured a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a difference, about shattering stereotypes, and about building a legacy.  Vision View stands as living proof that ownership, success, and dreams are attainable for all, regardless of background or circumstance.”


     Just an 8-minute walk from the Vision View property to the Fresno Yosemite International Airport, the campus stands ever strong as a key business hub in Fresno, attracting multi-ethnic businesses from throughout the Central Valley.

     “We have not just created a business or a building, we have constructed a symbol of hope, a beacon of possibility, and a model example for all to point to,” said Senegal.


     The Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce has been an integral partner of Senegal’s vision, helping to provide business resources and co-sponsoring community events at the campus.

     “We are extremely excited to celebrate Vision View’s seven-year anniversary,” said FMBCC deputy director, Monita Porter.  “Lynisha Senegal is trailblazing the way, as she celebrated official ownership of the space, mortgage free.  It is an honor to witness this commemoration of long-time FMBCC member and partner.”

      To celebrate with the community during Black History Month, residents are invited to attend the public festival, 7 Years Black History Month Anniversary Party, Saturday, February 17, 2024 from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM.  The public event has been moved from the Vision View campus’s Jericho field to the Golden Palace located at 2625 W Vassar Ave., 93705, due to the pending rain on Saturday. 

     There will be a symbolic mortgage burning ceremony to celebrate the building being paid off in full, made possible because of the unfortunate death of Senegal’s grandchild.


     Mentors Matter will honor the 100 Black men who helped foster and/or build the Vision View campus during its journey in various ways.



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