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FBIH: 'Sista' Talk's' last two episodes 15 & 16 review

FRESNO, CA— Fresno County Department of Public Health Black Infant Health Program (FBIH) Sista' Talk series past episodes have been educating the Central Valley public of the realities of the crisis concerning the Black infant mortality rate locally and nationwide

Throughout the series Black mothers discuss their trials and tribulations of pregnancy in a comfortable group setting hosted by FBIH, who provides free resources and a public health nurse on staff to help moderate the group discussions called, Sista’ Talk.

Last week's final episodes 15 and 16 of Sista’ Talk currently featured discuss the ways that pregnant mothers can counteract high-stressed situation through yoga techniques, breathing and other natural tools. Participants shared their healthy strategies they use, too..

During the discussions, FBIH focuses on helping women to feel proud of their culture, despite the discrimination or racism they could be experiencing, as well as using researched sources to educate them on the dangerous effects of emotional and physical stress on the body, especially during pregnancy. The public health nurse not only listens, but gives real suggested healthy solutions-- from eating habits to exercises—to help the pregnant mothers cope and deal with the life pressures.

Black pregnant mothers 30 weeks or less are encouraged to join the free program, or find out more about the services.

Pregnant Black women in general can still benefit from the plethora of free information on their website and online TV channel here.

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