Guest speaker at Republican luncheon is 'Frank' about the 17 propositions on the upcoming No

Stephen Frank from Political News and Views is admittedly not a President Obama fan, but touts that his research on propositions are merely based on the facts.

FRESNO,CA--At the Fresno County & City Republican Women Federated luncheon Thursday, September 22nd, held at the Ramada Inn, guest speaker Stephen Frank from Political News and Views gave researched recommendations on the 17 propositions on the California ballot for this upcoming November election.

Regardless of the personal sentiments toward President Barack Obama, Frank was clear that his research on each proposition, which he discussed before soliciting his recommendation, was from a non-partisan view.

In fact, some may wonder how proposition 60--which is in reference to requiring the use of condoms in all pornographic films featuring sexual intercourse produced in California--got to the ballot in the first place!

Although his conservative political stance may skew the overall recommendation, the research behind each proposition discussed is worth looking into. In fact, it is clearly pointed out how some of these propositions are so ridiculous, it is a wonder how they got on the ballot in the first place!

Watch video now to hear ridiculous, controversial or mind-twisting propositions on the 2016 California ballots this November:

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