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Weekly ONME News Wrap-Up

Videotize and promote your press release with us!

Make your press release a priority on The ONME Network by having it videotized in our weekly video news rotation.


Each week ONME News pushes out weekly news stories based on news trends, breaking news and other hyper-local feature stories that happen.


People can have their press releases stand out by purchasing videotized submissions to run on the ONME Network  and on the ONME News website and to its subscribers through this service; promotions garner organic traffic through The ONME Network, ONME News website and from ONME News mobile subscribers.


Press release submissions are turned into up to 45 sec. news videos along with a news story posted to the ONME News blog; reach thousands of subscribers who are automatically notified once the story is posted.  Once posted, videotized news stories can be shared organically on social media, email or via mobile via an URL link.

The videotized news segment is also submitted into a weekly video news reel that reaches thousands of ONME News subscribers again within seven days, and the news story is submitted into the California news headlines podcast show called, ONME News Headlines which airs online, on mobile website,, on third-party audio podcasts, and on television in select California locations.

Example Videotized Submissions

Example  News Videos in the News Stories

Submission Guidelines:  (Please follow guidelines to avoid delays.)

  • Please make sure news submissions are 500-700 words.

  • Press releases should be newsworthy or news related (businesses engaged in social issues) and not a sales pitch for a product or service.  Businesses can showcase grand openings, closings, re-openings, and social issues related to their business.  For business, service and product profile press releases, please go further down the page.

  • Press releases must include at least one photo, be copyright free and submitted upon completion of payment to avoid delays (Dropbox link provided automatically after purchase.  Please note that if nothing is uploaded, then there will be delays.)

  • Press releases with attached photos should be submitted no later than the Wednesday before the previous week to be released Monday, the following week.

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